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DJ Services

Let's Take Your Party To The Next Level!

DJ Gee of GFENTMT is a professional serving New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas, and has experience with serving multiple types of events. Whether it's a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, baby shower, or anything that calls for a celebration, DJ Gee has been trusted by many for their music needs. In fact, DJ Gee has a 90% customer retention rate, with many customers saying that DJ Gee is the "best they've ever had." Companies such as Sofi, RNExpress, and Mobility Family of Companies can attest to this. 

Our DIs, or dance instructors, keep the energy levels high throughout your party. These instructors are carefully selected for their level of professionalism and experience in the dancing industry. Your guests will go home with a newfound love for dancing, as our dance instructors are able to teach anyone, young and old. They are also responsible for the choreography of your special dance numbers, such as father and daughter dances, wedding dances, quinceanera dances, etc.

Our MCs, or masters of ceremonies, are your party hosts. These MCs are skilled in handling any announcements and introductions, ensuring that your program runs smoothly and on time. Don't have a program? No problem! Our MC can also create a program for you that lays out everything that you need to happen. They are also responsible for the party games that take place during your event.

With our team of experts, we guarantee that we can make your party one for the books. You won't be disappointed. 

What's Included?


DJ Set Up

Our DJ uses a mobile sound system, equipped with a DJ booth, speakers, controller, lighting which consists of moving heads, and microphones. Our equipment is of premium quality, so rest assured that your party can run smoothly.

 To transform the mood of your event space. Fully wireless and battery-powered, our lights can be customized to fit your event needs. 

(Optional) wall uplighting

wall uplight.jpeg

(Optional) Gobo

We can customize your gobo to contain your monogram, date, etc. You'll have the option to project it on the floor, wall, ceiling, or anywhere you see fit. This is not included in the package, therefore it has an additional fee. 

(Optional) Sparklers

Want to elevate your entrance? We now offer cold sparklers as apart of our DJ services, where we can operate the sparklers to be apart of your entrance or dance number. Can be used both indoor and outdoors.  


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